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Craving the freedom to be your own boss?

To build your own success?
To spend your days bringing people something they really want?

We know the feeling.


We felt the same when we started Amigos in 2011. That’s why we turned our childhood friendship into a business partnership and opened our first restaurant in London.


Fast-forward a decade and Amigos is the most successful independent burger brand in the UK – selling more fresh-off-the-grill, gonna-need-another-napkin meals than any other.


Now as an enterprising foodie franchisee, you could get your own bite of our brand and a growing market worth £20bn – and start building your own future.

Like our tagline says, Amigos is all about The Good Stuff. You’ll be running a restaurant where all the recipes are unique and developed through years of work. Where the British-beef burgers, chocolate-bar milkshakes and garlic sauce have a cult following. And where everything is done with high-standards and a good time in mind.

All this, mixed with our strategy of serving up high volumes at affordable prices, keeps our restaurants busy even in difficult market conditions. Amigos has grown 200% in the last 5 years and now we’re working under the principles of ethical franchising to share our success with franchisees like you – and make sure that one day there’s an Amigos on every UK high street.

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